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About integral fairytale counseling

Once upon a time, fairytales were stories told to adults. They were known to contain a wealth of knowledge about the key dilemmas of life, about the tasks of each life stage; about decisions that have to be made and actions that cannot be forever delayed. As such, fairytales helped people find answers to grown-up-life’s most common questions and challenges. That knowledge is not lost, and the tales’ wisdom is still relevant today – still applicable, even in your own life.


With the use of a unique fairytale-based counseling methodology, which also fuses elements of narrative and art therapy, I facilitate one-to-one, as well as group sessions to help you better understand the main themes, challenges of your present life and find ways to solve them. Through the counseling process, you can experience how the fairytale helps you heal, grow, and restore meaning and balance in your life – just like the older generations, for thousands of years.


Ready to take the journey? Come and discover Tales for Life.

Life is full of battles.

Are you feeling lonely or isolated?

Going through rough times or changes?

Struggling with work or school pressures?

Looking for love but can't seem to find it?

Lost your purpose and can’t find your next step?

Or simply fed up with the greyness of big city living?

Somewhere in the intersection between your “what could be” and “what is”, there’s your fairytale waiting for you, ready to provide you with encouragement and hope. Working with the archetypes and the symbolic language of the fairytales will motivate and re-energize you, will give you a fresh perspective on your situation, and will give you the strength to move on. And it will be there with you, as you take your next steps, and see positive changes happening in your life and well-being.


Whatever your challenge, there is a solution.


  • Fairytale counseling will make you feel better: you will leave the sessions feeling more optimistic, more connected, more ready for a change. You will have a new sense of motivation and hope.


  • You will understand your situation from a broader context and will have a new perspective on what the real obstacles are. Having that new insight will also help you take the right next steps.


  • With the right facilitation – regardless, whether in an individual or group counseling setting – you will be able to integrate the age-old wisdom of fairytales, and their symbolic language will provide you with the healing that you need to move on. 


  • Fairytale counseling is not just storytelling: it is a professional counseling methodology developed for adults, based on some of the key principles of psychiatrist and psychoanalyst C. G. Jung. Read more about the method and its benefits here.

Some benefits of fairytale counseling

How we work with fairytales in counseling

Fairytale counseling is based on working with the symbolic language of the fairytales and is a methodology that can help you take a fresh look at the challenges you are facing  – and start discovering solutions. In most cases, the fairytale counselor will suggest a fairytale to work with, which they will choose in a way to best fit your current situation, challenges, and needs. You will then spend some time going deeper and deeper into the story. Using a variety of methods, you will gradually process the story, integrate it and apply it in your life. If you would like to read more on specifics of the methodology, there is more information available on my blog here.

The integral fairytale counseling methodology can be applied in various ways and currently, several different counseling formats are offered: individual and group counseling, short as well as deep processes. This way hopefully everyone can find the format that fits their need.
Read more about the various fairytale counseling offerings here:


Ready for happily ever after?

Find out how fairytale counseling can help you live a fuller life.
Please get in touch with me and let’s meet for a free first consultation. There I can answer any questions you may have, and recommend ways in which we can work together – and with the fairytales – according to your personal goals. If you have been on a search for ways to change an aspect of your life, fairytale counseling may be the right solution for you.
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