Do you often feel stressed, worried or anxious? If work stress or academic pressures are part of your everydays, talking to a counselor could make a big difference to you.

We all experience stress in our work to some extent, but there are some factors that can intensify the pressure. Long working hours, heavy workloads, a fast-changing environment and even job insecurity – all of these are quite common phenomena today, e.g. in start-up companies – make performing well at work almost impossible without feeling overwhelmed.  Add office conflicts, crazy deadlines, difficult bosses or clients and then no wonder one experiences fatigue or a constant feeling of anger or anxiety… and even the early warning signs of a burnout are best taken seriously.


Then there are the internal factors. When you’re unconsciously putting yourself under even more pressure to deliver on the expectations – at work, or in school, or even in a relationship – when you would like “everything to be perfect” yet constantly feel not good enough… then there is yet another source of worrying and frustration. Of course, the drive and motivation to over-deliver and overachieve can on short term be beneficial – but on a long term, it takes its toll and sooner or later everybody starts showing stress-related symptoms.

If you’re having difficulty managing stress and dealing with work-related pressures, you may find counseling beneficial.  

  • A counselor or coach can provide you with an outsider’s new perspective on what you are going through.

  • Counseling can reassure and re-energize you.

  • It can inspire new ways to deal with that boss or office conflict.

  • It can help you understand the issues on a deeper level.

  • It can help you find a better work-life balance.

  • It can help you come up with new, constructive solutions.

  • It can boost your confidence.

  • As a result: you may start dealing with certain aspects of your work, school or relationships in new ways, ways which will allow you to live more happily, freely, lightly, playfully.

I have been helping people just like you, people who were feeling overwhelmed, who were struggling with constant stress, anxiety or anger. In fact, I myself have worked in fast-paced, high-pressure international companies and I fully understand and can personally relate to many of the topics discussed. And I know how beneficial investing into one’s own emotional wellbeing can be– what a difference in one’s professional as well as personal life it can make. That’s why I encourage you to take your emotional wellbeing seriously, and take a step towards feeling better in the everydays.

I offer English counseling sessions in Berlin Kreuzberg, next to Bergmannstraße (online counseling also available).

I work with a variety of unique coaching and counseling methods aimed at supporting you and facilitating your process– including even fairytale counseling . I work mostly with a present- and future focus (so we won't talk too much about past traumas, childhood...), and will support you in finding your solutions as efficiently as possible. If you would like to read more about individual counseling in general, please check this page out, and if you are interested in practical details such as location, pricing, scheduling, you can find them all here.


I offer a free first consultation – this first session is completely free of charge and any commitment for you whatsoever, so you really have nothing to lose. So why not give it a try? This could prove to be a great step towards feeling more relaxed and productive in your everydays.

Take that first step today. Get in touch.

Whether to book your free first individual counseling appointment or to request information about upcoming group counseling sessions or events, I encourage you to get in touch with me. I would love to hear from you! I reply to every message within max. 2-3 days (if you don't receive a reply, please check your Spam folder).

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