Rapid counseling

Take a fresh look at your challenge
in one single session



If you have a specific question or a challenge that has been on your mind recently, and you would like to talk to somebody about it and get a new perspective – but right now are not in a position to commit to a longer-term, continuous counseling process, this counseling/coaching form could be the right solution for you.


In rapid counseling, we meet only once, for a session duration of approx. 2 hours. This one session aims to allow an intensive immersion into your challenge. There can naturally be no guarantee for a full resolution of a problem, you will, however, be able to relook at it from different perspectives, process some of the emotions attached to it and leave the session with a deeper understanding of your own motives, as well as a specific action plan for the next steps you wish to take. In short: if you’re feeling stuck in an issue, rapid counseling will not necessarily provide you with a full solution, but it will give you a strong enough one-off push to help you get moving towards a solution.

Get a new perspective on a question or challenge that has been on your mind –
in one single counseling or coaching session.


A rapid counseling session typically goes like this:

  • You arrive with a question (it does help if you come with a specific topic to talk about, regardless of how broad or specific it actually is)

  • We spend some time discussing the present situation, narrowing down the topic, mapping out the factors that are involved


  • We do process work and utilize methods that best correspond to your actual need 


  • We bring the discussion back to a cognitive level, interpreting the process that you have gone through


  • Utilizing this new understanding, you come up with an action plan for the near future





The session takes place in my therapy space in Kreuzberg (details and practical information here) and usually takes about 2 hours. The cost of this one-off session is 120 Eur. 


If you are ready to give it a try, I encourage you to drop me a message on any of the contacts below. I will respond in maximum 2-3 days and in most cases, I am able to offer an appointment within 2 weeks.


See you soon!

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