Feeling lonely? Been looking for love, but not been able to find it – or perhaps dealing with heartbreak at the moment? Talking to a counselor could make a big difference.

  • How do I get over a breakup? How do I deal with a divorce?

  • How do I find a partner, somebody who is right for me?

  • What’s wrong with me? Will I be forever alone?

  • Why do I always end up having a toxic relationship? How can I have a healthy relationship with somebody?

  • How do I find true love?

If you’ve been asking yourself questions such as this, don’t lose hope: true love is out there and may be much closer than you think. It may be in places you haven’t even considered. It may be in qualities you haven’t known you had. Perhaps you’re so close to reaching it… make sure you don’t give up.

Counseling, coaching can be helpful in your search

Talking with a counselor or a life coach has helped many people feel more confident, relook at their challenge from new angles, find different ways of doing things, and ultimately succeed.


Love is out there waiting for you. You also deserve to find your soulmate. To be in a good relationship. To heal after heartbreak and move on. Perhaps counseling could help you get there faster.


I have been helping people just like you, in their search for healthy, happy relationships, and would be happy to have a chat with you and see how I can help you too. Needless to say, I am honored to work with LGBTQ and non-traditional relationships too. I work with a variety of unique counseling methods aimed at supporting you and facilitating your process. I work mostly with a present- and future focus (so we won't talk too much about past traumas, childhood...), and will support you in finding your solutions as efficiently as possible.

Take that first step today.

Get in touch.

Bo Mérei

Email: borisz@counselorinberlin.de

Phone: +49 175 5239861

FB Messenger: @TalesForLifeBerlin

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