Individual (1 to 1) counseling in English

You are not alone.

Perhaps you’re going through a storm in your life at the moment. Life changes. Relationship issues. Work conflicts. Perhaps you're experiencing difficult emotions. Feeling down. Lost. Purposeless. Experiencing stress or anxiety. And perhaps it feels like the world is not supportive enough. Feels like you're all alone facing these challenges. 


You are worthy of being heard, understood and accepted. Whatever path you find yourself on or decide to take, you don't need to walk alone. A counselor can accompany you on a part of your journey. A counselor is there to listen, to help you orientate yourself and find solutions. Counseling can offer support, encouragement, and hope.



Are you



And are you ready for this to change?

Challenges can come in countless ways.


There is a solution to the challenge you are facing. Counseling can help you find it. 

If your answer was 'Yes' to any of the above questions, then you have already made significant progress: you have identified the parts of your life in which you would like to see change happening. And if you know what your goals are, then you are also bound to find the way leading you towards them.


There is definitely a solution to the challenges you are facing. There is a way for you to start feeling better, to start making progress, to start seeing positive changes happening in your life. And if you decide to invest in your wellbeing and your future by starting a counseling process, you may see the path even more clearly and get encouragement and support while taking your next steps.
Don't forget: you don't need to walk this walk alone.   ​


How counseling can help:

  • You will feel heard, understood and accepted. You will receive encouragement. You will start feeling more confident and optimistic.


  • You will get a fresh perspective on your challenges, start noticing the obstacles to change and take steps towards overcoming those. You will start challenging some long-held beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you.  You will start noticing some alternatives that you never noticed before. And all this will start translating to positive changes in your life.


  • Throughout the counseling process, you will be taking things in the rhythm and pace that you feel comfortable with. I'm an integral counselor, working with a variety of methods and I am there to facilitate your process – and not to force anything. We will always only work with techniques and go only as deep as it feels OK for you at that point in time.


Ready to take the next step and feel happier and more satisfied in your life?

I offer individual (1 to 1) counseling sessions in a centrally located therapy space in Berlin Kreuzberg (as well as online, if more convenient). All practical information and details can be found here. 

After you get in touch me and we make an appointment, the first consultation is completely free and requires no commitment whatsoever from you. In that first hour, we can get to know each other better, you can tell me about your challenges and I can suggest ways in which we can work with those. I am interested to hear about your situation – and am also open to any questions you may have.


If there is something that has been keeping you up at night, counseling could be a right step towards the solution. Why not give it a try?​


Take that first step today.

Get in touch.

Bo Mérei


Phone: +49 175 5239861

FB Messenger: @TalesForLifeBerlin

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