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In our fairytale group sessions, sharing and contributing to each other's processes is as important as the story that we're working with. Fairytales are traditionally a community genre: they are meant to be experienced and discussed together. When taking a journey through that dark enchanted forest – and hence, through your own soul – you are meant to be supported by others. Whether you are happy or sad, you deserve to be able to share your thoughts and feelings– and to be heard by others. By joining one of the fairytale groups and even community storytelling events, you open yourself to supporting others and being supported, to sharing experiences and to belonging. 


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Every last Friday of the month: DARE.

Dare to be different. Dare to be the same. Dare to start something new. Dare to get up and continue after a fall. Dare to dream big. Dare to follow your heart. A fairytale workshop for adults that will inspire you and encourage you. 

DARE. is a fairytale group counseling series in English, in Berlin Kreuzberg, in which we work with fairytales that revolve around the theme of courage, and how we can move ahead in our lives – taking courageous steps, one at a time. Using the unique integral counseling methodology that combines storytelling, narrative- and art therapy methods as well as conscious movement, we will dive into the fairytale and let it inspire us, reenergize us and fill us with hope.

This is an ongoing monthly session, with each occasion building on the previous ones. You are, however, welcome to join at any point, as each session is a full process in itself. What's more: as the first session (regardless of when that is) is free for everybody, you can try it out for free. Come, meet the group, experience the methodology and have fun. Even just one session is beneficial and enriching.

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