Feeling stuck or unfulfilled in your life? Something doesn’t feel quite right – but not sure which direction to take? Or, on the contrary, you have set yourself goals, but haven’t been able to take the steps leading you towards them? If you have experienced difficulties bringing change into your life, you may find talking to a counselor very helpful.

If you have been striving to bring positive change into any area of your life in search of emotional fulfillment– be it in work or career, relationships and love, lifestyle, wellbeing or other–  then you may have already experienced one or more of these stages:


  • You feel stuck or burnt out, something doesn’t feel right, there is a general level of discomfort about your life but you are not really sure about how to change this. You can’t think of any particular goal, you don’t feel particularly inspired, you just know something should change but you’re not really sure what that is.

  • You know what you would like to do next, you have found your purpose (or at least, have some ideas), but the journey ahead seems too daunting, too scary and long and this is almost paralyzing. So you’ve been delaying taking actual steps.


  • You’re already on the journey towards your goals, you are fighting the battle, but it’s much harder than you ever imagined and you feel like giving up.

  • You’ve reached to a certain point in this journey towards your goals, you have made some progress, but instead of feeling satisfied, you suddenly feel empty and confused: is this really what you wanted?

Each stage of the change process is challenging, and each stage requires a whole lot of courage, persistence, patience and hope. If you find yourself stuck at any stage of your journey, don’t forget that you don’t need to walk this alone: a counselor or coach can accompany you in this process, can help you gain a new awareness of what is happening at the moment, and can provide you with hope and encouragement.

In my counseling and life coaching practice, I have already accompanied others in their change journey – and more than that: I myself have experienced several major life changes in my life and am very aware of the challenges and difficulties involved. In all, I have an understanding and empathy for how hard sometimes it is to find the courage and the persistence that are needed to bring positive changes into our lives. On the other hand, I myself know – and I have also seen it in my clients’ journeys – how rewarding it is when you finally do take those steps and get where you want to be. I am committed to helping as many people as possible to get there, as I firmly believe that a fulfilled, satisfied life is something that every one of us is worthy of.

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Bo Mérei

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