Expat life is often amazing, but can sometimes also bring stress and loneliness. If you are having challenges adjusting to your new life in Berlin, talking to a counselor could make a big difference to you.

Adapting to change is never easy, and major life transitions such as moving abroad can be particularly challenging. Moving to Germany is most often a very rewarding experience, but it can also be a culture shock to some at first: dealing with bureaucracy and the German public offices, going through apartment search in Berlin, getting used to the local everydays such as closed shops on Sundays or even just braving a dark, cold Berlin winter can all be sources of stress even to experienced global citizens.


On the other hand, despite its fun and social vibe, the city can sometimes make you feel lonely, especially if one is moving to Berlin alone. Sure, there are lots of bars, clubs, and events happening out there, but what if a night out drinking and dancing is just not my thing? What if I am too shy to meet people, and feeling too insecure to start making friends? In a stressful situation such as moving overseas, getting settled into a new job or apartment, low self-esteem can make the life transition even more challenging and can leave one feeling even more isolated.



Whether you’ve been here for years or just arrived yesterday, please know that you’re not alone if you sometimes feel the expat blues. The feeling of being an outsider, the everyday stress of living in Berlin, as well as expat loneliness and even expat depression,  are known to many. On the happier side: once you feel a little more settled, once you feel your feet on firm ground and even start building your social circles, Berlin turns out to be incredible in so many ways that it ends up being worth all the initial hardships. Adjusting is a process, and it’s important to give it time... so just make sure you keep going and don’t give up.

If the transition into Berlin life is challenging, you may find counseling beneficial.  

Talking through your difficulties and worries with the counselor or life coach can help you feel heard and understood. Supported. Encouraged. Through your counseling process, you may feel more optimistic and even inspired: you may have fresh ideas and a new outlook on your life. And soon enough, even despite the challenges, you may start seeing the brighter side to living in this city.

I have been helping expats just like you, especially in their earlier stages of getting settled and started in their new lives. In fact, I myself am an expat and can personally relate to many of the topics discussed. And I know how beneficial investing into one’s own emotional wellbeing can be– especially when going through challenging times.

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