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Woven into the symbolic language of fairytales is a wealth of deep symbols and archetypes, and the immersive work with those – most importantly: the successful integration of those – has a true potential to bring powerful transformation. And once positive changes are ignited inside, positive changes start manifesting outside as well, including various aspects of your life: work, relationships, daily habits and more.

In this deep process, which is an individual (1 to 1) counseling process lasting typically 8-10 sessions (approx. 2-3 months), we make sure we have enough time to explore and integrate each element of the fairytale that is essential for your progress at the moment. We work with the fairytale in a very similar way as working with dreams: we consider each element as a part of your own self, we look at which elements need strengthening, what barriers need overcoming, which part of you is calling for help, etc. Using the fairytale as a symbolic bridge to your soul, we bring support exactly where it is needed. In this way, we create the opportunity for powerful transformations to happen in your life.

Experience transformation through a deep immersion in integral fairytale counseling


This is how it typically works:

  • For best progress, we meet regularly (at best, once per week) to ensure optimal intensity. With one 1-hour session per week, the entire process lasts min. 2, max. 3 months.

  • In the first couple of sessions, we spend time discussing and zooming in on your challenges. This allows for a proper understanding of what difficulties lie at the core - and which fairytale would, therefore, be the best one for you based on the circumstances and challenges you describe.

  • Once the fairytale has been chosen, we dedicate one session to a general introduction to it (reading, discussing first feelings and observations). 

  • In the following, we spend several sessions zooming in on specific elements of the fairytale, going deeper and deeper with each symbol. We use various methods including art therapy, narrative therapy, breathing exercises, etc. to help the integration.

  • At the end of the process, we summarize the findings and you develop a specific action plan to help you in the next steps of your journey.   


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