Conscious storytelling

Find new ways to solve your real-life challenges – by means of creating a fairytale!


Get ready to go with the flow and listen to your own intuition and creativity as you participate in this process.  In this counseling methodology, we allow our inner child, this most creative and emotional part of us, to run free. While we create our own fairytale, we symbolically find solutions to our real-world challenges. While taking our hero or heroine on a hero's journey, we allow our own soul to step into the unknown, fight battles and combat inner enemies, and to finally return, bringing a new level of inner wealth and balance into our lives.


This conscious storytelling process builds on the foundations of the integral fairytale counseling methodology, with the exception that here, the participants themselves create their own fairytale, using the general milestones of the Hero's Journey and a set of symbols/archetypes that is relevant to their challenge at hand. Anybody can play the game, it is not important to be exceptionally creative nor gifted... It is a simple, playful and yet powerful counseling methodology.

The conscious storytelling process...

  • is typically conducted in small groups (4-6 people), although individual (1 to 1) and couples' counseling versions are also available. Even in the group format, each participant creates their own fairytale individually, i.e. goes through their own process.

  • is a facilitated creative flow, in which you create your own fairytale based on pre-set elements as provided by the facilitator.

  • can be played just once or many times, and even regularly: each occasion is a unique and full process in itself.

  • The set of symbols, fairytale elements that you play with is determined at the beginning of the game by the fairytale facilitator based on the challenge that you are looking to solve. This way, each fairytale that is created is unique, is exactly right for that challenge and situation, and there is an almost infinite number of possible fairytales.


This is a new concept and is currently in the process of being fine-tuned and finalized. For this reason, I am conducting a series of pilot storytelling sessions and am looking for volunteers.

If you are interested in trying the concept and creating your own story for free or for a small voluntary donation, please drop me a message at any of my contacts below and I will notify you of the next available appointment.

The sessions take approx. 2 hours and are held in my therapy space in Berlin Kreuzberg (practical details here). It is not necessary that the participants know each other prior to the session, so usually, I make groups based on the applications. That said, if you would like to experience it with your own group of friends, that is also possible.

The conscious storytelling is currently offered only in English (though the language is simple and does not require a very strong level of English, non-native speakers very welcome!) and is primarily meant for adults.

See you soon!

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