Well-being, self-awareness and sustainable growth:
for teams as well as employees.


Gone is the myth that "work life" and "personal life" are entirely different. After all, humans are humans in both scenarios! Companies have psychosocial dynamics and challenges just like individuals. Teams, just like any human being, can have crises, growing pains, can progress or regress, they can feel insecure or overconfident, they can be too impatient or feel resistance to change, sometimes there is too much control and too little flexibility, and sometimes exactly the opposite. Challenges are an ever-present part of the process in every organization type – from more traditional, hierarchical ones to lean structures and self-organizing teams – simply because it is humans who work in them.


I have spent 10+ years in the business world and have a wealth of first-hand experience on the ups and downs of working in multinational companies, of being part of, as well as building and managing teams. And now I am excited to bring all that experience together with my unique counseling methodology – to offer support that is specifically tailored to company employees, managers and teams. Please note: I do not offer organizational development – rather, I focus on developing individuals within the context of organizations. For specifics, please read below.    


I offer individual coaching/counseling sessions aimed at resolving conflicts, self- and people management dilemmas, work-life balance challenges. I'm happy to help with stress- and anxiety-related challenges, with a special focus on avoiding burnout. I use a variety of methods, my overall framework being the Integral Framework (which is also where Teal organization development & Holacracy stems from), and as such, self-reflection and self-development are major focus areas. 


It is part of my plans to start a regular counseling group aimed at avoiding burnout, as I can see this is something many would benefit from, as well as a group specifically targeted at working in advertising agencies and creative businesses. If interested, please drop me an e-mail. 

With regards to prices and other conditions, I encourage you to get in touch via my contacts below. I also offer counseling packages to companies and am happy share information on those upon request.

Individual coaching

Team coaching

I develop and facilitate half-day and one-day team building/coaching events, specifically tailor-made to your team, using my unique fairytale methodology. I take time to talk with the team, understand the challenges, and then plan and facilitate a process accordingly. These events aim to be fun and out-of-the-ordinary – and at the same time deeply transformational. More info on this in my Blog post here. I am happy to share more detail and also prepare an offer that is tailor-made to your specific needs: please request information using my contacts below.  


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Bo Mérei

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