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I consider coaching an important part of my overall offering, on my mission to help my clients live more authentic and satisfying lives. Satisfaction at work has a tremendous impact on overall life satisfaction, not only because we spend much time at work, but also because we express ourselves through our work: what we do is one of the key ways in which we leave our mark in the world. Satisfaction at work, moreover, is not only important for the well-being of the employees, but also to the well-being of the companies and organizations they work for: countless research suggests that employee satisfaction is key to ensuring long-term sustainability, efficiency, and productivity.


My personal journey to coaching

Satisfaction, balance and growth at work are topics that are also personally very important for me: I have spent the first 10-12 years of my career working in multinational companies, in different countries and continents, mostly in leadership positions in advertising, marketing and fundraising. I have learned the hard way, through resignations and burnout, the importance of noticing warning signs as early as possible and of dealing with issues before they become problems.


Following a career change and finishing my education as counselor and systemic coach, I have been offering coaching to help people identify and find jobs they like, to contribute with their work to goals they truly believe in, to ensure they experience satisfaction and authenticity in their work and in their roles. At the same time, I help companies motivate, further develop and retain their employees.

In order to be up-to-date with the actual needs of today's employees and employers, I have recently further developed myself to an Expert-Coach (ECA – European Coaching Association), specializing in topics that are receiving ever more attention these days: health coaching (work-life balance, stress management, etc.), intercultural coaching and coaching for people who work in self-organizing and agile environments (e.g. SCRUM).


Coaching areas and topics I most often work with

Authentic Leadership


Whether in higher or in middle management, leading people and teams is a highly rewarding as well as challenging task. To thrive in this role, it is important to find the authentic leader in yourself, to define your own leadership style and role, as well as to continuously develop your leadership-, communication-, people- and conflict management skills. Role clarity, self-awareness, and self-development are also keys to leading with self-confidence. 

Career- and Job coaching


Finding the role that’s right for you. Whether looking for a new position and opportunity to develop within the company or searching for a completely new direction/field of work, it is valuable to orient yourself: to take a look at the values that are driving you, the strengths, competencies and other resources that you can build on, and to ensure that you keep working towards goals and objectives that are in line with who you are.

Dealing with change


Managing major transitions is an often stressful yet unavoidable part of working in today’s fast-changing environments. Whether the technology changes or your role changes, the company culture or structure shifts or the entire industry goes through transitions, coaching can help you not only to deal with the change and to successfully adapt but also to find ways to master the transition and get the best benefits out of it.

Entrepreneurship and self-employment


The art of not giving up. Riding the waves of ups and downs, bravely and persistently facing risks and threats and being confident of the gifts you are ready to share with the world – entrepreneurship is a challenging and thrilling ride. Coaching can help in boosting self-confidence, further developing competencies, discovering new perspectives, creating new strategies, and much more.

Health Coaching


Stay healthy, stay productive. With the overall objective of ensuring sustainability by helping you maintain your health, health coaching focuses on topics such as work-life balance, stress management, time management. You may have already had trainings with similar objectives – there is a difference. Here, you go deeper to understand what your personal barriers and drivers are and to develop a life approach and structure that really works for you.

Intercultural coaching


Intercultural challenges are a part of our everydays. Expats in Berlin inevitably face intercultural challenges, as do all others who work together with colleagues, partners or clients from other cultures. Intercultural competencies and ambiguity tolerance are essential skills in navigating our personal and private lives – intercultural coaching helps further develop these and provide new perspectives to managing intercultural conflicts.


Getting started

I provide an offer that is tailor-made to your needs, therefore I would like to get to know you a bit better before I share a short written concept and a corresponding time & cost proposal. For this reason, I suggest that we have a max. 3­0-minute phone- or video chat so you can tell me a bit about your context and your goals. This initial chat is free of charge and allows me to give you a proposal afterward that corresponds to your needs. I encourage you to get in touch (below) and I will respond within 2-3 days. 



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