Hi, I'm Bo Mérei. I'm a counselor and coach in Berlin.

Your life. Your story. 

My mission is to help you own your story.

I'm a counselor (integral psychology) and a certified systemic coach (European Coaching Association) and I help people in their pursuit of becoming the happiest and most authentic versions of themselves, both in personal and work context. Using a variety of approaches and proven methodologies, I can facilitate your process of finding your own path in life, and then walking it with courage and persistence. I can support you in identifying the barriers to your happiness and growth – and finding ways to overcome them. Ultimately, my goal is to help you find, understand, live and own your life story.

My Services

  • Regular (8 -15 sittings) coaching process

  • Longer-term counseling process

  • 'Quick look' – rapid coaching (1-5 sessions)

Dare to discover and pursue what you wish for yourself in life. Identify your next goal(s) and the path that leads you to it. Find your inner resources that will help you along the way. See your situation from fresh, new perspectives, find inspiration and inner strength to overcome your barriers. Your process will be facilitated with empathy, genuine acceptance and a multitude of integral psychology and systemic coaching methodologies. Read more...

  • Business coaching, Leadership coaching

  • Intercultural coaching

  • Job- and career coaching

Show up at work as your most genuine, most authentic self. Deliver top performance in your role while also ensuring sustainability: maintain balance and make sure that you stay healthy and happy in your job in the long term. Find new, constructive ways to solve internal and external conflicts. Understand your strengths and potentials – and further develop your skills and competencies. Through self-reflection and self-awareness, understand your deep inner values and learn to respect them when making decisions. Read more...

Narratives matter – the stories we tell ourselves have a huge impact on who we are. Under the name Tales for Life Berlin, I work with fairytales in counseling and coaching. The use of the symbolic language of fairytales can help you better connect with your emotions and get in touch with your intuition, in order to effectively find your resources and overcome barriers. The symbolic "treasure" discovered in the fairytale is then re-integrated into your day-to-day life, to make sure you enjoy the positive effects of this methodology for long. Read more...

  • Individual deep process, intuitive coaching

  • Fairytale counseling groups

  • 1to1 conscious storytelling process

Workshops and group events

I often organize workshops and fairytale groups. The small-group-format (4-6 participants) is optimal for giving you a chance to feel heard, understood and supported by others in the group while still maintaining the trust and comfort for deep sharing. In conscious storytelling, we create our own fairytales, a process that helps re-write old narratives that serve us no longer and create the space for new beginnings.

Training and workshops on the topic of Work-Life balance and stress management are also planned, get in touch if interested. Click 'Events' for all that's upcoming.

  • Self-discovery and awareness workshops

  • Conscious storytelling groups

  • Presentations, free talks and free demonstrations

I have supported clients in working with topics including

  • Relationship issues

  • Singleness

  • Breakup, divorce

  • Managing conflicts

  • Intercultural challenges
    (in relationships)

  • Family issues

  • Boundary setting, saying 'no'

  • LGBTQ+ challenges

  • Self-esteem, -confidence

  • Academic concerns

  • Procrastination

  • Developing self- and time-management

  • Political and climate anxiety

  • Social media related stress & anxiety

  • Money, financial security

  • Decision making

  • Values, goals clarification

  • Self-awareness and self-reflexion

  • Spirituality

  • Self-actualization, Life purpose

  • Midlife crisis

  • Self-employment and Entrepreneurship

  • Adjusting to change, major life transitions

  • Career decisions, career planning

  • Intercultural challenges (at work)
  • Culture shock, Expat challenges

  • Work stress & anxiety

  • Burnout prevention

  • Work-Life balance

  • Leadership challenges

  • Competence development

  • Communication skills

  • Interpersonal relationships
    (at work)

  • Motivation, engagement

  • Delegation, empowerment

  • Building effective teams

  • Management competencies

  • ... and more.

What previous clients say about my work

I do recommend these sessions. [...] Bo patiently and gently, walks you through a process in a very didactic and enjoyable way. I had the courage to be open to change because he created a magical atmosphere where one feels safe, heard and cared about. (K. C.)

Bo has a wonderful, warm-hearted way of working that made me feel heard and understood. Throughout my process, I felt I was in safe and good hands. (V. R.) 

I appreciated the good atmosphere, the compassionate and competent process guiding, the wonderful, extremely effective coaching exercises and homework assignments. (L. G.)  


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Bo Mérei

Email: borisz@counselorinberlin.de

Phone: +49 175 5239861

FB Messenger: @TalesForLifeBerlin

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